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In Spring 2023, our first brick and mortar location is opening! 
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Our historic home is opening soon as an
art gallery + boutique on Saturdays from 10am - 3pm.

We're located just 3 blocks from Main Street,
on the corner of Roanoke and Wharton Street. 

Starting this spring we'll be hosting in-person creative workshops with a focus on arts + crafts, nature-based + plants, mushrooms, herbs and more. 

The greater vision is to also host monthly women's circles, community block parties, music + dance nights, community garden action days and more (details below!).

Wanna teach or share your skills locally?

We do not charge artists / teachers / community leaders for use of our space. Offering free spaces for folks to share their skills aligns with our vision of bringing creatives together to make our community stronger. 

If you're interested, please send an email to Lorrin@wanderite.com

A little about Blacksburg...

We are located in the downtown historic district of Blacksburg, Virginia. Blacksburg sits on top of the continental divide, is a part of the New River Valley (one of the oldest rivers in North America!) and is surrounded by epic mountains, waterfalls, flora and fauna of the (Blue Ridge section of the) Appalachian mountain chain. It is also home to Virginia Tech, a chill college town with access to all the outdoor activities you could possibly imagine. 

A little history of our space...

Our home was originally built around 1800 and has one of, if not the oldest well in town. This special feature is the inspiration for our gallery name, The Well. The Well has immense depth and diversity of meaning. 

Our vision for The Well is that it becomes a watering hole for the community - not in the sense of a bar, there's plenty of those in town already.

But a watering hole in the sense that creativity + gathering together in-person as community to make things with our hands, feeds and nurtures us in our disconnected / digital modern world. 

We moved to Blacksburg during the chaos of 2020 from Berkeley, California. Our home here has been in the family for over 50 years, and has been an "art house" since the 1960's thanks to the matriarch in our family. 

We're keeping the legacy going, while slowly bringing the 200 year-old home into the 21st century. The first few years here have kept us fully absorbed in renovations, inside and out, on our quarter acre downtown.

Being artists / craftspeople ourselves has made the process of restoration a little easier at times, a little hair-brained at times, but either way it has been a huge learning process. 

At the end of the day, connecting artists, musicians, performers, writers, comedians, teachers and creatives of all types together is our greatest driving force. 


A vision for the future...

By now you are probably getting the idea of what we're creating here. The truth is, we're still deep in the throes of creation (and never-ending renovation!) every day. But!

We are taking decades of life experience travelling around the world, immersing ourselves in artistic communities and bringing the best of those experiences to our local community.

Freedom, inclusivity, diversity, mutual respect, healthy boundaries, giving back, compassion, care and endless creativity. We want to see more of this in society, and are going to give our best attempt at connecting around those foundations.