handmade • small batch • eco friendly



Wanderite is an eco-friendly line of herb + mushroom inspired art, including hand-dyed bandanas, home decor, cards and stickers. All pieces are drawn by hand by founder and botanical illustrator, Lorrin Webb.

Our thoughtfully crafted goods are made in small batches in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and are found in apothecaries, plant shops, boutiques, nature shops, cafes and co-ops from coast to coast. We also curate local art pop-up's and vend our goods at music + art festivals across the country. 



Emphasis on plant and fungi imagery is intended to educate the individual of their inherent connection to the natural world, without the need to uproot or unearth a single thing.

Since the beginning, we have prioritized creating art in the most sustainable, responsible ways possible.

Here are the ways we do this:

Responsibly-sourced materials made in the USA.

US made / organic cotton, printed with water-based inks for all bandanas, flags, apparel & altar cloths.

Sweatshop-free garments with water-based screen printing in small batches by local, independent printers.

Wildflower seed paper and 100% post-consumer recycled paper and/or recycled shipping supplies used for all packaging.
100% compostable / reusable mailers.

Clear sleeves for all cards and art prints are made from biodegradable plant cellulose with recycled paper board backing or recycled paper envelope.

Plant dyed bandanas made in small batches using plant extracts. Minimal water consumptive dyeing process to reduce energy consumption and waste.


A portion of all proceeds goes to the non-profit group Herbalists Without Borders, helping make herbal medicine more accessible to all through a variety of local efforts including community gardens + clinics, and so much more.





...updated bio coming soon! I (Lorrin) am in the process of a mini-rebrand for the fall of '24! 

With a background in fine art and a degree in graphic design, I wear 100% of all the hats in this little biz. From drawing all the designs to designing all the packaging, website creation and updates, dyeing and sewing fabrics, packaging your orders, and hoping with all my might that you absolutely freakin' LOVE the things I make. 

Recently someone reached out to me about an order they placed and after emailing back and forth a bit, she expressed her gratitude at realizing I am in fact a real person (lol) and independent maker - and not just AI created, sketchy dropshipped cheap products from questionable places. 

It made me realize I haven't done the best job at keeping my online presence as personable and down-to-earth as I feel in my day to day. My art is the center of my universe, and though you won't always see a lot of my face on here, (being the introvert at heart that I am) I hope you know I am just a click away if you ever want to reach out and connect.

I hope to share more by the Fall Equinox '24, including a new name, new logo and some fun new illustrations coming to my mushroom collection!

In love,