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Crystal Cluster Muscle Tee Crop
Crystal Cluster Muscle Tee Crop

Crystal Cluster Muscle Tee Crop

Whether you're off to yoga, ecstatic dance, or pairing this piece with our personal favorites - a high-waisted skirt or some levis, this ultra-comfy tank is a versatile high vibe staple.



Quartz is one of the most powerful stones for amplification and focus of energy. This is why it's been used in watches, radios and technology for decades! Clear quartz is often used to cleanse and activate the subtle body, and has a "programmable" quality that powerfully enhances the information + intentions you set within it.

In our own experience over the years, we've found quartz to be the most powerful amplifier of intentions; it's a powerful manifestor as well as amplifier of other crystals. 


Design drawn by hand and printed locally with eco-friendly water-based inks in Oakland, California.

 Please reach out with sizing questions to Lorrin@wanderite.com