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Bandana | Spring Herbs | Hand Dyed | Moss
Bandana | Spring Herbs | Hand Dyed | Moss
Bandana | Spring Herbs | Hand Dyed | Moss
Bandana | Spring Herbs | Hand Dyed | Moss

Bandana | Spring Herbs | Hand Dyed | Moss

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Made for nature lovers, herbalists, green witches and medicine wo/men from all walks of life.

Perfect for adorning yourself, an altar or sacred space as a reminder of the power of our ancient + loving plant allies. Lunar phases and crystals add to all the magic of medicine and merry making.

Herbs Included:

Dandelion garaxacum officinale
liver tonic, anti-cancer, highly nutritious

Cleavers galium aparine
lymphatic support, detoxifying, cooling

Violet viola odorata
immune support, blood purifier

Nettle urtica dioica
detoxifying, blood + cardiac tonic

Oatstraw avena sativa
nervine, nutritive, restorative

Soloman's Seal polygonatum biflorum
topical skin + wound healing *some parts toxic, use caution

Red Raspberry rubus idaeus
women's health tonic, antioxidant

Trillium trillium erectum
emmenagogue *very sensitive, do not wildcraft

amplification, programmability

Hummingbirds, honeybees, seeds and crystals added in for good measure. 


WILDFLOWER seed paper sleeve you can plant in your garden = zero waste + flowers!


Dyed by hand in small batches.

Approx. 21" x 21"

US made cotton bandana with finished edges. 

Printed with eco-friendly inks + dyed + packaged with sustainable packaging and love.



*Wanderite bandanas are pre-shrunk cotton, and get softer with time. Gentle cycle or hand wash. Hang dry or low cycle heat. Steaming relaxes fabric up to size if any shrinking occurs.

*Safest to wash dyed bandanas with like or darker colors for the first few washes.

*Wanderite bandanas existed long before Covid-19, and in addition to face coverings, can be used as altar cloths, wall hangings, hair ties, cloth napkins & more. 

This design is also available in these colors:  Desert Rose and White 


Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!