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Bandana | Moon Yantra | Black
Bandana | Moon Yantra | Black
Bandana | Moon Yantra | Black
Bandana | Moon Yantra | Black

Bandana | Moon Yantra | Black

Made for nature lovers, moon worshippers, yogis, herbalists and medicine wo/men from all walks of life.

The Sri Yantra, called the “queen of yantras,” is an ancient symbol of the great divine mother principle, the source of all energy, power, and creativity. Vedic traditions regard the design as the representation of the cosmos as well as the body of the goddess related to the feminine principle of shakti or energy.

In Sanskrit, the word “yantra” comes from the root word “yam,” which means “instrument” or “support,” and “tra,” derived from “trana,” meaning “release from bondage.” A yantra is an instrument or tool, for meditation and contemplation supports spiritual liberation and allows one to achieve a higher level of consciousness.

Interestingly, in 1987, Russian scientists used EEG technology to prove that the Shri Yantra geometry quickly brings viewers to a meditative state (Source: Biology Faculty of Moscow University, October 30, 1987).

Inspired by travels in India many moons ago, this design is a reminder that no matter what phase you’re in, you are always whole, sacred, powerful. 

Perfect for adorning yourself, an altar or sacred space as a reminder of the power of our ancient + loving plant allies. Lunar phases and crystals add to all the magic of of the Sri Yantra mandala. 


WILDFLOWER seed paper sleeve you can plant in your garden = zero waste + flowers!

Approx. 17" x 17"

Organic cotton. Raw edge.

US Made. Drawn by hand in Berkeley, California and printed with eco-friendly inks on organic cotton, then stitched + dyed + packaged with love.



*Wanderite bandanas are intentionally smaller than "normal" size cotton bandanas. 

*Wanderite bandanas are pre-shrunk, lightweight cotton, and get softer with time. Gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry. Steaming relaxes fabric up to size if any shrinking occurs if using a low heat dryer. 

*Intentional raw edge has been stitched to not unravel, but edges may need to be trimmed in the first few washes. 

*Wanderite bandanas existed long before Covid-19, and in addition to face coverings, can be used as altar cloths, wall hangings, hair ties, cloth napkins & more.